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I have been creating and documenting life's most important moments for as long as I can remember.  My husband, Jeremy, and I have six kids.  Our oldest son, Payton, passed away unexpectedly when he was a toddler.  Our other five children, Bailey (16), Beau (14), Channing (11), Rawley (9) and Nixon (5), keep us on our toes while we are navigating toddlers to teens and life in general.  I created the "Walk with HIM" collection because I know everyone views Jesus Christ in their own way.  I feel that these images allow individuals to still have their own visualization of our Savior while sending a powerful message.  By following HIM, taking HIS hand, learning of HIM, and walking with HIM, we will all be able to find peace. We can know that whatever direction our lives take us and whenever things seem impossible, HE will always be right there. He has definitely helped shape my life in so many ways.


Thank you for visiting, and I hope you find something you love.

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